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Decentralized P2P Lending Platform on Stellar
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The Daijo P2P Lending Platform

We at One Daijo believe that we can build a brighter future by financially empowering the traditionally underserved around the world. Our goal is to help the underserved establish credit identities that can be used to access various financial services offered by One Daijo and other financial institutions.

Our first product, a decentralized P2P lending platform built on Stellar, seeks to do just that by welcoming borrowers who normally cannot obtain affordable credit to build their credit history on the Daijo lending platform. The Daijo lending platform provides access to affordable loans more quickly, cheaply, and transparently than existing financial services solutions.


One Daijo Lending Platform
1. User Profile
2. Loan Origination
3. Loan Matching
4. Loan Transactions
5. Repayment Behavior

Daijo Mobile App

QIN Token


What else are we thinking about?

Standalone Stellar Wallet App
A Daijo wallet app with full Stellar wallet functionality, including local secure storage, ability to handle XLM and other tokens, push payments, and anchoring, as well as rapid transactions by username to other users in the Daijo network.
Common Credit Protocol
A common convention for the formatting and sharing of credit data so that borrowers can quickly export credit data to access other services and credit providers can use the shared data to inform their credit scoring methods.
The QIN Card
A QIN debit card providing direct access to the Daijo wallet balances, allowing users to spend their QIN wallet balances at brick-and-mortar stores and online.

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